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6/10 - 6/15 DELN Network Jobs

Katherine VanHenley

Jun 10, 2024

2 Positions open within the DELN Network this week

ABE and Digital Literacy Instructional Advisor

The ABE and Digital Skills Instructional Advisor is responsible for teaching Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes at the Learning Center and coordinating the ABE and Digital Skills programs. This position will work as part of the instructional advisory team to provide instruction and instructional case management to adult learners, and to provide training, support and supervision for volunteer instructors and tutors.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) & Digital Literacy (DL) Instructional Support

The AmeriCorps member will work to increase learning opportunities for economically

disadvantaged immigrant and refugee adults in our community. In addition to teaching small group classes, they will provide ongoing support to students, and volunteer classroom assistants and tutors.

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