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What We Do

We are a broad, welcoming coalition with members and participants who care about Digital Equity! Together we share resources, create workshops on best practices, funding and policy that impacts DE and provide networking opportunities to come together to learn and collaborate.


DELN members support DELN’s goals by engaging in our community listserv, participating in general meetings, and signing on as a DELN member to strengthen the coalition’s collaboration and advocacy voice.  For more information, visit our membership page.


This work group is open to all and meets regularly to strategize and support DELN’s advocacy efforts for digital equity. 

WorK Group

An open to all group that meets regularly to plan the DELN bi-monthly general meetings and coordinate communication and membership efforts.  This working group includes members of the steering committee and general DELN members.  


The DELN steering committee meets monthly to set agendas and strategy for the coalition.  We seek diverse participation across agencies, government, and individuals engaged in digital equity work. Members have 1 year renewable terms and are expected to participate in 75% of the steering committee meetings as well as most of the general meetings. Organizations or individuals who otherwise might not be able to participate would be eligible for a stipend to support their participation.  

Steering Committee Members

Who We Are

KVH Headshot 2.JPG


DELN Program Manager

Katherine was born in Washington to a military family, moved often and had the opportunity to live abroad in Okinawa, Japan.  She received her bachelor's degree in Film and Television Production at Chapman University in California and following graduation, taught English in Cairo, Egypt. After working in news and live-television production for several years, she transitioned to managing a digital marketing firm.  Katherine brings 20 years of small-business operations experience to her PM role at DELN.  Outside of work, she enjoys writing, reading, painting and cooking.  She shares her life with her two daughters and dog, Buttercup.  

Email Katherine:

Minh Đức Phạm Nguyễn

Sabrina Roach

Aishah Bomani

Morgan Costello-Hostettler

Other Members:

Ben Peters


Chelle Lesaca


Christopher Webb

Black Brilliance Research Project

Dan Leiter


Dana Rin

City of Seattle

Darryl Edward Hunt

King County

DeiMarlon Scisney

HOP Technical Assistance 

Dillon Baker

The Seattle Public Library

Dirk van Velzen

Prison Scholar Fund

Dr. Angela Hemingway


Elizabeth Iaukea

Seattle Public Library

Emily Billow

Seattle Public Library 

Esther Jang

Seattle Community Network

Femi Adebayo

Community Member

Florence Adeyemi

International Centre for Multicultural Counseling and Family Resources 

Gabby Lacson

City of Seattle

Jack Jannack

Senior Center of West Seattle

Jamie Robbins

King County Housing Authority

Janel Schermerhorn

MSc Student, Data, Inequality & Society

Jen Brun


Karen Lee

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Kelli Graham


Kenzie Youngmark


Kerry Coughlin

Seattle Housing Authority

Kevin Osborn

Seattle Jobs Initiative

Kristopher Larsen

Filipino Community of Seattle

Lassana Magassa

Tech Policy Lab | University of Washington

Laurie Stusser-McNeil

Highline College

Maribeth Haglof

Literacy Source

Mary Cunningham

MCunningham Design

Matt King

Ballard NW Senior Center

Maurea Brown

Highline College

Max Churaisin

Uplift Northwest

Megan Bruce


Meira Jough

Seattle Information Technology

Melissa M Warner

Community Member

Sherri Chun

Highline College

Stacey Wedlake

University of Washington Information School

Susanna Linse

Seattle Housing Authority

Tim Wrye

Highline College

Tracey Y Blackburn

Department of Commerce, NTIA

Theresa Demeter

Sound Generations

Vicky Tamaru

build JUSTLY

Vikranth Etikyala

Community Member

Will Booth

T3 (Tribal Technology Training)

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