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Digital Equity Articles & Research

Katherine VanHenley

Jun 2, 2024

Maximizing DE Funding, Community Engagement, Digital Inclusion Models & More

NDIA State Digital Equity Implementation

NDIA released a 144 page manual to support localities in maximizing the impact of the Digital Equity Act funding. The manual is jam-packed with best practices, collaboration strategies, and essential information to advance digital equity initiatives.

Equity Resource Navigator

This collection of resources supports equity efforts by local officials and government staff. It covers a wide range of topics, including community engagement, budgeting, procurement, contracting, staff capacity building, and communications. The Navigator easily directs users to resources relevant to their work and interests via a survey.

Digital Inclusion models for Digital Equity Act Proposals

A digital inclusion program can offer digital literacy skills in many ways. These include courses; tutorials; mentoring and coaching; as well as providing strategies to help learners identify and benefit from family, friends or other safe and accessible “tech buddies” whom they can turn to when faced with a technology challenge.

Linking Digital Inclusion And Health Equity

Digital inclusion and health equity are connected through direct and indirect pathways. Strengthening both pathways will require broad policy and structural reforms to eliminate geographically based sociodemographic segregation and create conditions for people to use the internet to thrive.

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